Schlagwort: Platform Regulation

Interview on TRT World: Meta’s policy – If a state creates an anti-platform law, we punish the state

Meta’s policy: If a state creates an anti-platform law, we punish the state. That this does not work has already been shown in Australia. The fact that Meta is now trying the same in the US proves once again that the social network only cares about itself. I take a stand on this. Link to […]

Interview with TRT World: Who will profit from Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover?

The midterms in the U.S. are coming up – and at this time of all times, Elon Musk is cutting back on content moderation on Twitter. Shortly after the takeover, disinformation on the platform has already increased. I talked about this on the show „The Newsmakers“ on TRT World.

Interview mit TRT World: Facebook owner Meta bans ‚cyber-mercenary‘ groups

The squaring of the circle for social networks is once again demonstrated by Facebook’s recent ban of cyber mercenary groups this week: on the one hand, users need to be protected from outside influence and compromise; on the other hand, it is necessary to regulate social networks as a daily part of general opinion-forming more […]