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Interview mit TRT World: India imposes tougher laws for digital media platforms

India has introduced new guidelines and rules governing digital media companies, including streaming platforms, with the aim of making them more accountable. Critics say the move is just part of India’s growing suppression of dissent. Dennis-Kenji Kipker from the University of Bremen discusses the impact of India’s new social media laws and the compliance of […]

Interview mit TRT World: Australians could lose access to search engine Google over a new media law

Google and one major media conglomerate have struck a deal that could point to an end of the standoff between the search engine and the Australian government. Seven West Media will now see its stories featured on Google’s News Showcase service. This comes as Australia plans to impose a law that would require Google to […]

Plattformregulierung: Ein aktueller Beitrag im Blog der GI

Bundesjustizministerin Lambrecht im Wahlkampfmodus: Ein Überwachungsgesetz nach dem anderen, mehr und mehr an Online-Regulierung. Wo früher einmal das Justizministerium unter der Ägide der FDP ein Nadelöhr für solcherlei Gesetzgebung war, scheint das durch Frau Lambrecht geführte Ressort völlig die Kontrolle verloren zu haben. Warum Plattformregulierung meiner Meinung nach nur wenig Sinn macht: Mein aktueller Beitrag […]

Interview mit TRT World: New Delhi ordered Twitter to remove 1,100 accounts and posts

Twitter says it is worried about its staff in India, after they refused a government demand to disable more than a thousand accounts linked to farmers protests. Twitter employees could be fined or imprisoned for violating local IT laws. Dennis-Kenji Kipker from University of Bremen discusses the impact of this fight between Twitter and the […]

Interviews mit TRT World News zur Regulierung von Big Tech

Gestern und heute im Gespräch mit TRT World: Google revives Australia news platform launch amid content payment fight, Interview of Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker with TRT World, 28. January 2021 Facebook Oversight Board and News Launch in the UK, Interview of Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker with TRT World Istanbul, 29. January 2021