Big Tech companies brace for EU Digital Services Act regulations: Interview with TRT World

A new milestone in European digital legislation was reached today: As of Friday, the largest platforms and search engines will fall under the new EU regulatory regime of the Digital Services Act. The Digital Services Act can be described as the „basic law for the digital age“ in that it explicitly regulates the major Internet platforms legally for the first time. And that has become more and more important in recent years: On the one hand we are talking about the market power of these providers, on the other hand about an enormous increase in online crime, disinformation and hate speech. And the fact is that many large corporations have done too little about it, since controversial opinions and disputed information in particular increase traffic. And this is where the Digital Services Act comes in, by first regulating the largest providers and imposing comprehensive obligations on them. In the future, the Digital Services Act will not only bring about significant changes for the large platform operators due to its extended scope of application, but online trade will also be affected, as user behavior can no longer be controlled hidden by so-called dark patterns. Personally, I consider the Digital Services Act to be a major step that is also long overdue, and it is to be welcomed that the European Union has succeeded in reaching a useful agreement on this politically highly controversial issue and in implementing it in a timely manner. The DSA will certainly not be the last digital regulation of its kind and will have a spillover effect on many other countries worldwide, as we are currently seeing in other areas of European digital regulation, such as cyber security or data protection. I speak about this live today in an interview as a foreign expert on TRT World:

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