Interview with Bloomberg: US Warns Agencies of Possible Breach Via Microsoft Hack

At the end of this week, I received a call directly from the #Bloomberg editorial team in New York – because the #Microsoft issue is currently boiling over in the USA. Affected government agencies are more than just annoyed, and the rumour mill is churning that further consequences are to follow from the significant cloud security gaps at Microsoft. And indeed: the fact that not only the affected government institutions themselves are now having problems with data leaks, but that Microsoft itself can no longer keep its own correspondence confidential, raises many questions about how the company has been dealing with internal security concepts and security problems for years. For journalists from the USA, the question of how European institutions are reacting to this is particularly relevant, as the vast majority of government organisations and companies here are also dependent on the Microsoft Cloud. I provided insights into the situation in the USA and Europe in a detailed background interview with Bloomberg:

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