Interview with „El País“: The EU needs to pursue an independent technology policy towards China!

In the US edition of the largest Spanish daily newspaper „El País“, on the occasion of European Cybersecurity Month, I comment on the current semiconductor crisis, which can only be solved if the political actors in the EU finally pursue an independent technology policy towards China!

„The fastest growing attacks are phishing and ransomware; and not only are there more vectors (the means of transmitting the malicious code), the consequences have become more serious. Faced with this globalization of attacks, the response continues to be mostly individual, despite the attempts to organize joint actions, according to the participants of the European Cybersecurity Month. “It is absolutely necessary and time-critical to find a common clear line,” warns Dennis-Kenji Kipker, a professor at the University of Bremen, in Germany.

Kipker is pleased that the approach to cybersecurity has become more transversal, after being focused on critical infrastructure and digital services, such as cloud computing or digital markets. However, he warns of a major technological gap in Europe that makes it dependent on external actors. This is the case of the current semiconductor crisis, aggravated by the conflict between China and Taiwan. In this sense, the German professor warns that digital security does not depend only on programming, but also on the essential components of devices with critical functionalities. That is why the European Union must become more self-reliant when it comes to the production of key digital technologies. This shift, he says, would make it is less dependent on international companies.“

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