International Legal and Technical Regulation of Cybersecurity: Update 2019

During the last years, several countries have started to address cybersecurity issues in their legislation, including Germany, Russia, China, the United States and the European Union as a community of states. The presentation will introduce some of the most important cybersecurity regulations which have been adopted in recent years or which will be adopted soon, as well as their implications onto the business and technology sector.

Based on the German IT Security Act (IT-SiG), which came into force in 2015, the European Union has introduced its Network and Information Security Directive (EU NIS) in 2016 with similar obligations, but now also including Digital Service Providers such as online marketplaces or cloud computing service providers.

Russia has introduced its first Cybersecurity Doctrine in 2000, which has been revised in 2016. This directive has formed the legal basis for the new Russian Cybersecurity Law.

The Chinese Cybersecurity Law of 2016 (CSL), which came into force in 2017, is also relatively new, with several administrative regulations as well as technical norms and standards following as specific means of concretization.

U.S. regulation for cybersecurity is spread among different branches of industry and levels of legislation, with a focus on the new IoT-Law in California as well as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act, which has been signed by US president Trump on 16th of November 2018.

The full presentation can be downloaded via this link.

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