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State stick to your powers: Legal Problems of Digital Investigations Using the Example of Encrochat

The unlawful official action in the matter of #encrochat is not just a German issue – criminal proceedings are currently taking place across Europe. Link to the full article: #encrochat #law #legal #germany #beck #denniskenjikipker #prosecution #france #eu #courts #justice #trial #transparency #constitution

Overview: German and European Cybersecurity Regulation

Since 2015, the issue of cyber security has been addressed by various legal acts in both German and European legislation. These include the German IT Security Act (IT-SiG, 2015), the current draft version of the German IT Security Act 2.0 (IT-SiG 2.0), the EU Directive on Network and Information Security (NIS Directive, 2016) and the […]

International Legal and Technical Regulation of Cybersecurity: Update 2019

During the last years, several countries have started to address cybersecurity issues in their legislation, including Germany, Russia, China, the United States and the European Union as a community of states. The presentation will introduce some of the most important cybersecurity regulations which have been adopted in recent years or which will be adopted soon, […]