Big Tech and Dominance: An Overview of EU and National Case Law

The special edition on „Big Tech & Dominance“ was published today! Having dealt extensively with the regulation of large technology companies for better cyber security this year, I am all the more pleased that my contribution was included.
As we near the end of 2023, we can reflect on yet another ‘Big Tech’ year: a year in which market power was almost synonymous with digital markets. It seems unlikely that this will be the last year marked by competition law enforcement and regulation in digital markets. Perhaps future historians will look back on the 2020s as the ‘Decade of the Gatekeepers’. These have been fascinating years for those interested in the shifts in the paradigms which justify competition law: with new economic and societal concerns have come new ways to look at firms, markets, and power. Concerns about the power of Big Tech have taken on additional dimensions than merely that of companies with dominant positions over discrete products in single markets.

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