„Global challenges and holistic legal approaches in cyber resilience“ at the Academy of European Law (ERA)

The magic of videoconferencing: I’m in Japan, the Academy of European Law ERA is in Trier, I’m having night and in Germany it’s about to be lunch time. Yesterday I gave my last lecture virtually from a distance for the time being. I was invited by the Academy of European Law (ERA), a non-profit foundation established in 1992. As an international training and discussion center for lawyers, its mission is to promote awareness, understanding and application of European law – and European cohesion is more than important, especially in these times. My presentation, entitled „Global challenges and holistic legal approaches in cyber resilience,“ focused on the new European approach to digital resilience that we have been pursuing for several years. Of course, legal requirements also play a role in this, but these are primarily to be seen as manifestations of significant legal policy challenges such as supply chain protection, security by design, technology risk impact assessment, digital sovereignty, data privacy and IoT. It is also clear that cybersecurity has evolved from sector-specific regulation to a cross-industry measure to secure the entire digital supply chain. In a global comparison, similar regulations with regard to EU law are currently being sought in many countries, e.g. Canada, India, Cambodia, China, Singapore.

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