Schlagwort: Digital Sovereignty

„Global challenges and holistic legal approaches in cyber resilience“ at the Academy of European Law (ERA)

The magic of videoconferencing: I’m in Japan, the Academy of European Law ERA is in Trier, I’m having night and in Germany it’s about to be lunch time. Yesterday I gave my last lecture virtually from a distance for the time being. I was invited by the Academy of European Law (ERA), a non-profit foundation […]

Göttingen Roundtable on Sovereignty Anchored in the Concept of „State Dignity“

What criteria can be used to measure state sovereignty in the digital space? More and more we are talking politically about questions of digital sovereignty, but without having a sensible concept of how we define it and what framework conditions influence the possibilities for state action in cyberspace. At the invitation of Professor Dan Svantesson […]