KAS Cybertrialogue: Encountering the Future in Cyberspace

On Tuesday, I am guest speaker at the KAS Cybertrialogue on the current German and European perspective!

In the cyber and information space, territorial boundaries cannot be drawn. State security issues cannot be categorically separated into external and internal security as well. In addition, global networking and the increasing degree of digitalization in society are considerably increasing the potential areas of attacks for state and society. Thus, they have so far been at varying degrees of risk worldwide and some of them are increasingly the focus of cyber operations by others. States not only have different strategic approaches to countering threats in cyber and information space, but their cyber capabilities and skills also vary. Some societies already possess a certain resilience and resistance, while others are currently still in the orientation and consolidation phase. One response to these circumstances and developments is cohesive and closely integrated cooperation at the international level. The exchange of information, the transfer of knowledge and the mutual benefits from the experience of others requires a trusting framework and space for dialogue. With the „Cybertrialogue – encountering the future in Cyberspace“, the exchange on topics related to cyberspace and information space that has been conducted so far is to be expanded and extended to include Germany as a location. In addition to the exchange of information, the sharing of experiences and assessments, and the transfer and expansion of professional knowledge, the aim of the format is to enable and promote international networking among experts from the USA, Israel and Germany.

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