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Internet Governance Forum 2023: Goodbye Kyoto!

Those were five really intense days! The 18th Annual Meeting of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum is over. More than 5,000 participants worldwide came to Japan to discuss the future and challenges of technology, society, government and the Internet. This year, unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence was one of the key topics, but well beyond that, […]

United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2023: Clear statements about future AI regulation in cybersecurity

Today at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Kyoto, Japan, I made a clear statement on the future of global AI regulation with respect to cybersecurity: We do not need AI-specific cybersecurity legislation, but we need to distinguish three key use cases to better order and understand the current global policy debate: 1. AI […]

First day at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023 in Kyoto/Japan

Today I want to introduce you to Nanbaan Pwaspo from Nigeria, who I met at the Internet Governance Forum in Kyoto Japan. We’ve known each other for a while on Instagram, but today we met for the first time for real. Nanbaan is Youth Ambassador 2023 of the Internet Society and a promising talent in […]

Speaker confirmation: United Nations Internet Governance Forum, Kyoto/Japan 2023

Great news! Today I have been confirmed as a speaker at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, hosted by the Government of Japan in Kyoto from 8 to 12 October 2023. This will be a great opportunity to share my insights about the ethical principles for the use of AI in cybersecurity – and to combine […]

Monatliches Themenupdate aus den Bereichen Datenschutz & Cybersecurity: November 2019

Keine Hinweispflicht für Elektronikmärkte: Der 6. Zivilsenat des Oberlandesgerichts Köln hat in einem Urteil (Az.: 6 U 100/19) entschieden, dass Elektronikmärkte ihre Kunden beim Kauf eines Smartphones nicht darauf hinweisen müssen, dass sie eventuell keine System-Updates mehr erhalten und das Gerät dadurch möglicherweise Sicherheitslücken enthält. Mehr dazu auch unter: Bedenken an Spahns Gesetzesentwurf: Der […]