A new story starts – this summer in Manhattan, NYC

Greetings from the #BigApple – #innovation is a never ending #inspiration! When six people with very different professional and cultural backgrounds come together, there is a lot of potential for new ideas. Since summer 2020, we have been working intensively on a new business model that addresses the question of how we will work and live in the future. In recent years, we have seen that for many people, their job is not everything, it is more about realizing yourself and finding your own path in life. This is our common story. The #Internet offers every opportunity to do this, but we think the potential for a new way of living and working is still far away from being fully exploited – and this is exactly where we start, because we believe that traditional models of lifelong dependent employment that lasted for decades leave a lot of personal potential of everyone of us undiscovered. Join us on this new journey that starts directly here in Manhattan, NYC – from late summer this year.

Updated: 17. März 2024 — 15:12

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