Interview with Newsfeed Magazine: The future of Twitter

Today I had a little TV interview with Newsfeed Magazine, asking me about my perception on the current Twitter managing policy of Elon Musk. In my opinion, Twitter definitely has suffered considerable damage as a brand since Musk’s takeover: Many users have migrated to decentralized solutions such as Mastodon, and in the U.S. there has been a large migration to the new platform of the competitor Meta. There is therefore a widespread perception in the social media community that the value of the brand has dropped quite significantly. On the other hand, Musk loves big, dramatic appearances as CEO – and what would be more natural than to remove a world-famous logo from public perception virtually from one day to the next? In this way, Musk also underscores his power as the owner of a new company. We can definitely assume that no stone will be left unturned at Twitter in the future. Personally, I even assume that we won’t be talking about Twitter as a brand and product at all in a few years. The social network market is fiercely competitive and there are already competitors who will successfully fill Twitter’s gap. That’s why this step was ultimately just an overdue step for Musk to restructure the company – but ultimately a step that he himself initiated, because his takeover also started the decline of the brand Twitter.

Link to the full interview:

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