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Encrochat proceedings in Germany: Interview with the German Newspaper „Weserkurier“, translated version

Mr. Kipker, what exactly bothers you about the Encrochat proceedings?I don’t want to talk about an ignorant attitude on the part of the courts and public prosecutors, but it does go in that direction. The court has a duty to clarify. So here is the question of how the Encrochat data was technically collected. The […]

Guest at TV show „The Newsmakers“: Will new french social media law fight terrorism?

Finally, Big Tech is being held accountable to its size and revenue numbers: For the TV format „Newsmaker,“ I take a stand on EU DSA and DMA, as well as new media regulation in France. Freedom of expression also competes with other fundamental rights in the digital space. This is essential. France leads the way […]

State stick to your powers: Legal Problems of Digital Investigations Using the Example of Encrochat

The unlawful official action in the matter of #encrochat is not just a German issue – criminal proceedings are currently taking place across Europe. Link to the full article: #encrochat #law #legal #germany #beck #denniskenjikipker #prosecution #france #eu #courts #justice #trial #transparency #constitution