Schlagwort: Constitutional Law

NordVPN Blog: Why there can be no “encryption bans”

In Western countries in particular, such as the USA or the United Kingdom with its legal push for an “Online Safety Bill,” there is concern that increasingly sophisticated and easy-to-use technical options for encryption could deprive public security, police, and law enforcement agencies of access to data that is important for their investigations. But what […]

Expert Report: EncroChat and the „Chain of Custody“ – Digital Investigations as a Test for a Right to a Fair Trial?

Facts and content of the study: Criminal proceedings are currently being pursued in numerous German cities on the basis of an analysis of EncroChat datasets from France. Although the legality of obtaining the data records and their usability have been discussed for quite some time and are partly questioned, the EncroChat information has so far […]

EU Presidents Conference: Speech on EncroChat

Together with the Austrian Federal Minister of Justice and the President of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, I contributed my speech for the EU Presidents Conference about the importance of the rule of law also for digital investigations using the example of EncroChat. #encrochat #eu #lawyer #association #legal #law #constitution #austria #ukraine #denniskenjikipker